Diabetes Foot Care Toolbox

Here you can find tools, guidelines and training materials related to diabetes footcare

HCP Training

IWGDF: Diabetes Foot Care Programme 2008

SWDF: Step by Step Model

WDF: Step by step, Film 2012

Nigeria: Podiatry workshop 1

Nigeria: Podiatry workshop 2

Patient Education

WDF: Step by Step - Patient Education, Film 2012

Thailand: Foot care for people with diabetes - Film 2016

WDF: Step by Step Patient, Booklet

ISIAVWE: Basic Foot Care Guide - Booklet

Philippines: Diabetes Foot Care, Flipchart -Filipino & English

Philippines: Diabetes & Your Feet, Flipchart



ADA: Diabetic Neuropathy Position Statement 2017

IDF: DM & Foot Care: Time to Act 2017

IWGDF: Foot Care Daily Practice Guideline 2015

IWGDF: Guide on Infection 2015

IWGDF: Guide on Prevention 2015

IWGDF: Guide on Wound Healing 2015

IWGDF: Guide on Peripheral Artery Disease 2015

IWGDF: Guide on Footwear & Offloading 2015

IDSA: Guideline for Diabetes Foot Infections 2012


WDF Publications

Gerogia: Review of DM Foot Health Economics,  2017

Georgia: Health economic aspects of DM Foot Complications 2017

China: Cohort Study of DM & DM Foot Ulceration Patients 2015

Pakistan: Off-Loading Techniques for DM foot ulcer 2014

China: Education Program for Chronic Wound Care 2012

Tanzania: The 'Step by Step' Diabetic Foot Project 2011

India: Clinical Profile of Diabetic Foot 2010

The Step-by-Step program: A model for the developing world 2008


Literature review

Wound Healing Systematic Review 2016

Foot Infection Systematic Review

Prevention of Foot Ulcers Review



WDF: Equipment for Foot Care

WDF: Foot Care Instruments, Photo