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National Diabetes Program launched in Ramallah

Launch WDF15-1304, Ramallah, Sept 2017
From left: Mr Ahmad Abo Halaweh, Augusta Victoria Hospital; Dr Umaiyeh Khammash, Juzoor (and formerly UNRWA); Dr Anders Dejgaard, WDF; Dr Abdul Fatah, Palestine MoH; and Mrs Lisa Henry, DanChurchAid.
This week, efforts to improve diabetes care for Palestinians took a major step forward with the launch of a project targeting the northern region of the West Bank, where diabetes services currently are scarce.

In Tanzania, a type 1 advocate who knows what’s at stake

Anita Bulindi
Twelve years ago, Anita Bulinda was a child learning to live with type 1 diabetes. Today, she’s a co-founder of the Tanzanian Diabetes Youth Alliance.
SEE THE FILM (3 minutes)
“When I finish school, I would love to be a lawyer,” young Anita Bulindi says confidently to the camera. ”Because I like to defend the people who have rights. That's what I like.”

In Nigeria, diabetes stakeholders resolve to work harder

Dr Evelyn Ngige (left) greets Anders Dejgaard at the podium of ‘Diabetes and NCDs in Nigeria’
Dr Evelyn Ngige (left) greets Anders Dejgaard at the podium of ‘Diabetes and NCDs in Nigeria’, a stakeholder meeting in Abuja.
“If Nigeria is to meet its global commitments, there’s a lot of hard work to be done,” Dr Anders Dejgaard, Managing Director of the World Diabetes Foundation, said at the start of Diabetes and NCDs in Nigeria on 24 August.
His audience clearly agreed. Over the next two days, WDF partners energetically exchanged experiences gained from their work combatting diabetes across Nigeria, and urged government to increase support for diabetes and other NCD responses.

In Turkey, peer education leads to lower weight and blood sugar

Training, WDF11-626
Participants in a 2012 peer training session in Erzurum, Turkey.
In 2011, the Turkish Diabetes Association proposed an ambitious response to Turkey’s fast-rising diabetes rates. They would create a network of peer educators who would then hold meetings for people with diabetes, helping them to understand the disease and provide better care for themselves. 

WDF supports 26 new projects in first half of 2017

Itzapalapa district, Mexico City
Health care provider working in a WDF-funded diistrict level diabetes programme in Itzapalapa district, Mexico City

Below is a list of the new partnership projects that received WDF funding in the first six months of 2017. (Several advocacy projects also received funding in the first half of the year; these are not listed.)  

Links to project descriptions will be added as they become available.

New projects signed in first half of 2017