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WDF supports development of Indigenous Diabetes Reduction Bond

Diabetes and its complications are a serious burden for Indigenous communities in Canada. To address this, the Raven Indigenous Impact Foundation (RIIF) today announced plans to create a Diabetes Reduction Bond – an innovative model for designing and financing diabetes interventions in Canada and around the world. 

The project is supported by a $506,000 (USD) grant from the World Diabetes Foundation.

Yo Quiero, Yo Puedo brings healthy habits to Mexican schools

The end of 2020 will not likely be remembered for much good news. But in the fall, an encouraging article appeared in the American Journal of Applied Psychology. A team of educators and public health experts in Mexico had successfully improved the ability of teachers, students and parents to improve healthy habits relating to diet and exercise. 

The article explored the impact of a project designed by Martha Givaudan and her team at Instituto Mexicano de Investigación de Familia y Población A.C. (IMIFAP) and supported by WDF. 

2021 Fundraiser: Prevention of Chronic Disease in Guatemala

Guatemala’s Sololá region, with its sparkling lake ringed by volcanoes, is exceptionally beautiful. But a hidden danger stalks the Maya people who live there.  

Glucose tests conducted by Hospitalito Atitlán, WDF’s partner in the region, found that 15% of people tested had diabetes and 11% were pre-diabetic. More than 23% of the hospital’s patients are obese, and 43% are overweight.

WDF funds 11 new projects in the second half of 2020

WDF funded a total of 11 new projects in the second half of 2020, many in Africa but also spanning the rest of the world.

Several of the new projects build on previous projects, for example by extending Armenia’s national diabetes strategy and improving access to diabetes care and prevention in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. In Mozambique, a new project aims to ensure that the results obtained during the first phase are not eroded because of the current COVID-19 emergency. Two more projects, in Mongolia and Uganda, are working with different NCD management models.

Global Diabetes Walk 2020 marched on despite the pandemic

The Global Diabetes Walk 2020 had big shoes to fill. The Walk campaign broke records in 2019, but the arrival of COVID-19 demanded a new approach. After consulting with partners, WDF decided to adapt the 2020 campaign to include smaller Walks, more individuality and the option to walk the whole month of November.

“The results surpassed all our expectations – and confirmed that there is a real appetite for diabetes awareness-raising opportunities, even during a difficult year,” says Gwendolyn Carleton, WDF Communications Manager. 

'Diabetes Matters' visits WDF project in Georgia

On November 14, the news-style programme Diabetes Matters had its global online premiere.

Diabetes Matters features the voices of people with diabetes, health practitioners and advocates, and was created to raise diabetes awareness for World Diabetes Day 2020 and beyond. The 47-minute programme was produced by ITN Productions in partnership with the International Diabetes Federation and Diabetes UK.