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Pakistan confronts alarming diabetes burden

Mr Lars Rebien Sørensen, Prof Pierre Lefèbvre and Sir Michael Hirst in the panel discussion moderated by BBC journalist Ms Mishal Husain.

This was stated at the opening session of the Pakistan Diabetes Leadership Forum (PDLF), which took place in Islamabad from 1-2 March and included international and national speakers, key opinion leaders and policy makers from Europe, Middle-East and Pakistan. The inaugural session was addressed by Her Excellency, Ms. Saira Afzal Tarar, Minister of State for National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination, who highlighted the urgency and the scale of the challenge presented by diabetes in Pakistan.

Media training on diabetes in Kenya

20 journalists were tranined in diabetes related communication throughout Kenya (photo: WDF)

Journalists have the ability to provide their audience with potentially life-saving information if they possess the knowledge and understanding of how to communicate about diabetes effectively. Few journalists in Kenya are trained in reporting on diabetes issues. This leaves many Kenyans – especially those not reached by mainstream media – unaware of the diabetes epidemic, its symptoms, the consequences of inadequate treatment and how to prevent developing this disease.

PRESS RELEASE - The World Diabetes Foundation can continue its work for another ten years

School children in Tanzania receive education on healthy living (photo: Jesper Westley)

20 March 2014


Only funds to developing countries
Worldwide, diabetes is estimated to rise 55% over the next twenty years. The majority of this increase will take place in today’s developing countries, most notably with a 109% increase in Africa. This poses immense challenges to health systems which are not geared to tackle the tsunami of diabetes which follows in the wake of urbanisation trends and economic growth.

President supports diabetes peer education in Turkey

Participants at a diabetes peer education session in Antalya, Turkey (photo: WDF)

One way of addressing the gap between diabetes patients and available health care personnel is peer education which is based on the belief that social behaviour is contagious. The World Diabetes Foundation (WDF) supports the Turkish Diabetes Foundation in a four-year peer education project which aims at mobilising and changing lifestyle among people living with diabetes or at risk of developing diabetes.

Time to make a change in the Marshall Islands

“We need to teach the children how to make healthy choices. They will teach their families and that's the key to reversing the epidemic of diabetes,” says Jacque Spence, Canvasback Co-Founder.

75% of people over the age of 50 have diabetes in Majuro, Marshall Islands. In the Majuro Hospital the most common procedure is amputation. It is time to make a change to reverse the trend of diabetes in the island nation.

A short film produced by WDF’s project partner in the Marshall Islands, Canvasback Missions draws the lines of the situation and showcases the efforts being made to reverse the trend.

Dansk støtte til diabetesbehandling i Bangladesh

Screening for graviditetsdiabetes udgør et vigtigt forebyggende arbejde, da kvinderne samtidig modtager oplysning om sundhed og kost.

21 Januar 2013. Article in Danish. Godt fem millioner personer i Bangladesh lever i dag med diabetes, og International Diabetes Federation anslår, at dette tal vil fordobles inden 2035. At kroniske sygdomme som diabetes lægger en enorm byrde på skrøbelige sundhedssystemer i lavindkomstlande er en gammel nyhed. Men at det netop er lav- og mellemindkomstlande, der bliver hårdest ramt af den globale diabetesepidemi, er en større overraskelse.

I HAVE TYPE 1 DIABETES - and I think you should know

Having type 1 diabetes is no hindrance for playing soccer (photo:

Uganda, October 2013.  Thanks to a project at the Nsambya Hospital for children living with type 1 diabetes, Kisembo’s life has changed for the better. The project is a partnership between the Uganda Ministry of Health, the World Diabetes Foundation, Novo Nordisk a/s and Roche Diagnostics who in collaboration provide diabetes education and supplies, including glucometers, strips, insulin and syringes.*