How to apply

How to apply
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Applications to World Diabetes Foundation funding are now submitted via Submittable. Applications sent via e-mail will no longer be accepted. Read instructions and background below, then create an account and APPLY HERE.


1 March
1 September

End June (for March applications)
End December (for September applications)


  1. Read background materials on WDF’s website (available in four languages):
  2. Read the application guideline and download the application form and annexes from WDF’s website (presently only available in English, additional languages will be available soon):
  3. Prepare your application for submission:
    • Fill in the application form and three required formats: budget, organisational track record and indicator framework. 
    • Prepare mandatory letters of support from collaborating partners (if applicable). See details in the application form.
  4. Submit your application
    1. Open a recommended browser - Chrome; Firefox; Safari
    2. Create a free Submittable account here
    3. Copy or retype information from your application form into the Submittable form
    4. Upload the application form and  the annexes to the Submittable form
    5. Submit your application

  Watch our video tutorial for Submittable HERE
For general guidance contact the Project Coordinator at

Learn how to apply for WDF funding

WDF funds projects devoted to improving diabetes care and prevention in low- and middle-income countries included in the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) List of ODA Recipients. See the current DAC List.

Project proposals need to be formulated and owned locally. Projects should provide focused, replicable and sustainable solutions with the potential to prevent diabetes and improve the lives of people with the disease.

We fund projects with a poverty focus in line with WDF's Code of Conduct. These  projects should be sustainable and require minimum WDF funding for salaries and indirect costs.

We do not fund medication, construction work, basic laboratory research, personal travel grants and various other indirect costs.
For more information, see What we fund.

Who can apply

Applicants should have a successful track record within diabetes care and prevention, or be aligned with locally anchored partners or networks with such a track record. We expect co-funding from applicants, stakeholders and/or other partners involved. We expect support from or involvement by local health authorities in the country or area in question.

Collaboration with diabetes associations or similar civil society groups within the field of chronic disease prevention and care is welcomed. For examples of our projects and partners, see Projects.

Barriers can arise related to funding projects in specific countries

In our assessment of incoming applications, WDF will through acknowledged international risk ratings take into consideration issues of safety and security of WDF staff when travelling to certain countries or areas, as this could constitute a barrier for accepting applications and to our monitoring of project implementation. 
If in doubt regarding the rating of your country and to avoid the very comprehensive work of preparing an application, should the situation not allow implementation, we encourage you to reach out to the WDF Secretariat before sending an application and inquire if we can accept an application from your given country. For general guidance contact the Project Coordinator at

Special conditions:
China: Applications from China are not accepted as WDF is in the process of developing a new approach for rolling out WDF support in China.
India: Applications from India are not accepted due to WDF's current efforts in supporting the roll out of several State wide comprehensive diabetes programmes.
Tanzania: Applications from Tanzania are not accepted due to the ongoing National Diabetes and NCD Programme.


How to apply

Project applications are submitted at fixed deadlines and presented to the Board of Directors for examination and decision.

Project proposals should be filed using our application form and budget template, preferably in English. Application forms and budget templates in Spanish, Portuguese and French are also available for applicants not proficient in English.

See our Deadlines page for details about when applications should be submitted, and when the WDF Board will review them.

The WDF Secretariat is based in Denmark and does not contract any intermediaries, consultants or similar local or regional representatives in the review or approval process. Hence, applications shall be submitted directly to the WDF Secretariat via Submittable as described above.

After you submit

Upon receipt of your application, the WDF Secretariat will analyse your proposal. If found relevant, the Secretariat will send you questions related to project design, proposed activities and budget.

All applicants receive a response from the Secretariat with the decision concerning the application within one month of the Board of Directors’ review of the application.

If the project application is approved by the Board of Directors, a Project Partnership Agreement (contract) will be prepared. The Project Partnership Agreement makes certain binding demands on both parties, including project deliverables, financial management and audit.

For more about each of these deliverables, see Monitoring and Evaluation.